wedding ceremony rates

Quartet (2 Violins, Viola, Cello)

  • Standard Package - $750
  • Virtuoso Package - $850
  • Maestro Package - $1000

Trio (Violin or Flute, Viola, Cello)

  • Standard Package - $650
  • Virtuoso Package - $750
  • Maestro Package - $900

Duo (Violin, Viola or Flute and Cello)

  • Standard Package - $500
  • Virtuoso Package - $600
  • Maestro Package - $750

Guitar/cello duo $650
Add trumpet to any ensemble $225

All packages include 30 minutes of Prelude Music of your choice from our current repertoire.

Standard Package ©

  • Choose one of six programs of music
  • Phone or e-mail consultation
  • May add one special request from our complete available repertoire for no additional fee

Virtuoso Package ©

  • Create your own program of music from our complete available repertoire
  • Phone and e-mail consultations

Maestro Package ©

  • Choose any music available and appropriate for the ensemble
  • Phone and email consultations
  • * 1 hour "in-person" consultation to customize your musical selections. Create the mood and atmospehre that you have always dreamed of at your ceremony.

The Details
Most musical selections listed in the programs are available for all of our ensembles. Where a piece is not available for the ensemble of your choice, an appropriate substitution will be suggested.

A complete list of our available repertoire from our extensive library will be provided to couples who choose the Virtuoso or Maestro packages.

An additional rehearsal fee applies for performances with a vocalist.

Arrangements for musical selections outside our complete repertoire can be composed for an additional fee.

There is a $10 per musician surcharge for outdoor ceremonies in the months of December-February and July- September. An additional fee of .50 per mile (per person, roundtrip) applies to weddings outside the Austin metropolitan area. Travel is limited to venues within one hourís drive from Austin, unless other arrangements are made.

The ensemble will need adequate cover, should inclement weather occur.

A $200 non-refundable deposit, applicable to the overall balance, is due when the contract is signed.